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Who We Are:当校について :

We are a family-oriented International School located next to the seawall in Chatan, Okinawa. Our school community is comprised of a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. These differences are celebrated and used to help develop internationally-minded learners. We seek to empower our students to affect positive change by providing them with a "Global Reach:" inspiring families, the local community, and the world.


Hope International Academy provides students with a student-centered, innovative, and engaging education. We inspire and encourage our students through meaningful learning experiences. With a focus on social justice, empowerment, ownership, and continuous reflection, our school provides a nurturing and safe environment.


The Goal for Our Students:
Hope International Academy students will be empathetic and responsible global citizens who affect change through resilience, compassion and understanding.

School Definition of Learning学習の定義

Learning is the reflective ongoing process of developing Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding.

International Mindedness国際的な視野

International mindedness is to be open-minded global citizens

Educational Objectives教育目的

Students at Hope International Academy will:

  • develop an internationally-minded perspective that encourages them to celebrate the cultural diversity of our community of learners.
  • demonstrate 21st Century skills and competencies characterizing global citizens committed to positive social change.
  • build a strong foundation and demonstrate proficiency in science, mathematics, and technology.
  • develop proficiency in the English and Japanese languages.
  • be strong communicators, that are proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills and creativity that will permit them to be problem solvers.
  • foster awareness and respect for the environment, both globally and locally.
  • involve themselves in a variety of extra or co-curricular activities, including the arts, sports, and community service.
  • gain knowledge of and respect for the people of our “Host” and “Home countries,” their history, and their culture.
  • develop a resilient mindset: with the ability to achieve current and future goals.

  • 当校の生徒のコミュニティの文化的多様性の称賛を促進する、国際的発想を持った見方を育てる。
  • 平和、道徳、知識を積極的に取り組み、21世紀の技術と適格性を実証しながら国際的な学習者を育てる。
  • 科学、数学、技術の分野で強固な基礎を持ち、堪能であることを実証する。
  • 英語と日本語の習熟を高める。
  • 読むこと、書くこと、話すこと、聞くことに熟達した、自己表現の優れた人になる。
  • 問題解決者になることができる、批判的思考スキルと想像力を実証する。
  • 世界と地域の両方で、環境に対する意識と敬意を育む。
  • 芸術、スポーツ、地域奉仕などの各種課外活動/正課との併行活動に携わる。
  • 沖縄の人々、歴史、文化に対する知識と敬意を持つ。
  • 落ち込んだり停滞せずに、回復し、再起する能力を持つ:現在および将来の目標を達成する能力を持つ。

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Hope International Academy Okinawa


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